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LoopVideo screenshot

"LoopVideo" is an application for iPad to play video on repeat eternally.

LoopVideo screenshot

LoopVideo can output video to external display. You can use this apps as video source of Signage and VJ.


version 1.2.2 release
We fix problem with iOS5 on iPad1.

problem with iPad1 with iOS5
We come across problem of the LoopVideo with iPad1 ∧ iOS5 which sometime stop repeat of video.
No problem with iPad1 & iOS4.3 or iPad2.
We will solve this problem.

Version 1.2.1 is released.

Version 1.1.2 is released.

Update with iTunes if you use older version

Version 1.1.1 is released.

Update with iTunes if you use older version

Version 1.1 is released.

Update with iTunes if you use 1.0.

How to use

Upload video files to iPad with iTunes.

LoopVideo screenshot
LoopVideo screenshot

alert to select resolution of external display is displayed when you connect external display cable with dock connector. Tap button on which you want to export.

If many buttons are displayed, select bottom button in normal situation.

LoopVideo screenshot

"No external screen" is displayed on bottom of display if no external display is connected. (upper half of the image.)

Resolution is displayed if an external display is connected (lower half of the image)

LoopVideo screenshot

List of material is displayed on left of display if video files are uploaded.

App needs some seconds with first boot after many materials are uploaded.

LoopVideo screenshot

You tap material on list and Video is played on repeat eternaly.

Screenshot of the material is displayed on iPad screen if an external display is connected.

Video is played on fullscreen when you tap fullscreen button on top left of iPad screen of pinch out on video area.

Video back to original size when you pinch out on fullscreen video.

Connecting an external display

You can use these cables to connect an external display to iPad

Composite cable

to connect TV
Apple composite AV cable

VGA cable

to connect computer display
Apple iPad Dock Connector - VGA adapter

You can use third party cable. (out of our support.. sorry.)

Video Format support

iTunes  advanced menu

LoopVideo is able to play these format.
H.264: max 720p、 30 frames per secound
MPEG-4: max2.5Mbps、 640×480px、 30frames per second

You can make video file with iTunes. select "Advance" -> "Create iPad or Apple TV Version".


Please ask question and give me Feedback to  or twitter @bm.


primus design create an icon of LoopVideo


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